A tradition of research, service, and solutions

Investment Counsel, a Registered Investment Advisor, helps institutions, foundations, and families develop strategies to build and protect their wealth. As generations of clients can attest, we’ve helped them through volatile markets for more than 80 years. Our conservative, long-term investment strategies have stood the test of time.

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Conservative financial stewardship for a discerning clientele

  • Research-based decisions
  • Customized portfolios
  • High-quality securities

Trust is key to forming client relationships that last for generations.

  • We provide unbiased counsel.
  • We put your best interests first.
  • We do not use program trading or index funds.
  • We do not sell investment products nor accept commissions.
  • We base our compensation on your continued growth.

Although technology and new ideas have advanced the ways that success is derived, our foundation has never wavered: integrity, accountability, and achievement.

Protect your legacy with a Family Foundation.

A private family foundation benefits you and your loved ones. It allows you to support charitable causes and continues your philanthropic efforts for generations. It is an excellent way to build family unity. Properly established, a family foundation can have a significant impact on current and estate tax liabilities.

Contact Investment Counsel to find out how you can set up a family foundation.

A history of responsible leadership

Chris W. Walker
Investment Counsel, Inc.

Chris Walker leads Investment Counsel, building and managing a wide range of investment portfolios for clients.

Mr. Walker has more than 30 years of investment experience. He established Pillar Capital Management in 1992, which he merged with Investment Counsel in 2000. He has served as a broker and investment and trust officer at companies large and small, including Merrill Lynch, First of Michigan, Shearson, and the Commercial & Savings Bank of St. Clair.

Investment management tailored to individual objectives

Each portfolio we construct is designed and managed for a specific client, whether an institution, foundation, or family. We have decades of experience fulfilling the unique objectives of each.


Investment Counsel manages investments for public and corporate entities across all asset classes:

  • Municipal retirement systems
  • Corporate retirement plans
  • Financial institutions

We understand the cash flow requirements of these institutions and offer active management solutions that protect and grow assets.


Not-for-profit organizations face inherent challenges that require a diverse range of investment strategies. Investment Counsel assists and advises trustees on the setup and planning of:

  • Investment and spending policies
  • Planned giving services
  • Tax-exempt status and regulatory issues


Investment Counsel provides financial management services to individuals and families. We build custom portfolios with an eye toward:

  • Wealth preservation
  • Tax efficiency
  • Low portfolio turnover

Our clients benefit from personal attention, high-caliber investment expertise, and customized portfolios.

Diligent research, vigilant management

Investment fads come and go. Bubbles pop. Why has Investment Counsel succeeded for more than 80 years? Our disciplined approach to managing portfolios has been refined and tested over time.

  • Diligent research
  • High-quality securities
  • Customized, individualized portfolios
  • Vigilant monitoring and rebalancing as necessary

Focus on long-term value

Slow and steady wins the race. Our traditional, twofold approach to investing is designed to create balanced portfolios that outperform the market:

  • Preserve purchasing power of principal and income
  • Focus on consistent long-term growth

We don’t chase quarterly benchmarks or speculative issues. We invest in high-quality stocks and bonds with a focus on returns. We tend to hold onto these securities for extended periods, which reduces turnover and creates tax-efficient portfolios.

Stringent selection process

Investment Counsel’s proprietary research models focus on micro factors rather than trying to predict overall market trends. Our stringent tenets produce a short list of acceptable investment vehicles that have been thoroughly vetted by our research team.


Analyze cash flow statements and balance sheets to determine if a company can weather potential storms.


Choose companies that possess distinctive competitive advantages, which contribute to long-term staying power.


Evaluate management’s ability to set and achieve realistic goals to maximize shareholder value.


Assign an intrinsic valuation based on varying growth scenarios.

Personalized services builds prosperous relationships.

Our clients place great value on the objective advice, personalized service, and professional expertise they receive. Because each client has unique long-term goals, income needs, tax profiles, and risk tolerances, no two portfolios we create are the same.

We tailor our services to each client to help them successfully reach their specific financial goals. Each relationship with Investment Counsel includes:

  • A thorough evaluation and understanding of your investment style and personal needs
  • A direct personal relationship with your portfolio manager to make sure your needs are regularly addressed
  • A customized portfolio that is attentively monitored and adjusted as necessary
  • Timely reporting and communication through personal meetings, phone conversations, and ongoing portfolio statements, analysis, and commentary
  • Coordination of counsel with your accountant, attorney, and other professionals
  • Expert assistance with family education and generational transfers

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